1985 Audi Quattro (UrQ)


16VT’s involvement: Wiring in and calibration of Megasquirt; bypassing boost cut on original MAC-05 ignition ECU.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: Stock KKK K26, modified Audi external wastegate with adjustable spring pretension, HKS blow off valve, 0.7 bar of boost.

Engine: inline 5 2.1 litre, ~9:1 compression using 79.5mm pistons from Austrian market turbo engine

Injection: Port injected, 304cc highZ injectors (280 150 785), fuel rail made from shortened BMW rail.

Description: Ignition and idle controlled by original ECU which provides rpm input to MS. Dave cap mod had to be used to prevent rpm spikes. Running MAPdot since no TPS installed.

To remove the 0.7bar boost cut from the MAC-05, a 4.3v Zener diode was soldered across pins 1 and 5 of the manifold pressure sensor daughter board - marked end to pin 1 - and the connection between pin 1 and the motherboard was replaced by a 470 ohm resistor.