1992 Ford Orion Ghia Zetec


16VT’s involvement: Wired in fully functional plug and play Megasquirt ECU; calibrated fuel, ignition and idle.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: none.

Engine: four inline 1800cc 16 valve Zetec

: Port injection, 175cc/min (?) injectors

Description: Completely stock vehicle. An EECIV connector was salvaged from an old ECU. This was used to allow a plug and play installation using the OEM harness and sensors etc. MSnS-E 026c downloaded. MAF input circuit built to take signal from original Ford air flow meter (brought into CPU using X12 pad). BD679 transistor remotely installed at Q5 to drive Ford 2-wire idle solenoid. R7 and R4 replaced with 27kohm, 1% tolerance resistors to allow Ford sensors to be used. LED17 provided spark out (brought out of DB37 using X11 pad).

This space delimited table shows how the EECIV pinouts correspond to the Megasquirt:

Description Megasquirt_pin# EECIV_pin#
Main_grounds 7,8,9,10,11 16,20,40,60
Sensor_grounds 19 46,9
MAT 20 25
CLT 21 7
TPS_signal 22 47
O2_sensor_signal 23 44
PIP 24 56
SAW 25 36
TPS_Vref 26 26
MAF_signal 27 50
Switched_12V 28 37_or_57
Fast_idle 30 21
Injector_1 32,33 58,59
Injector_2 34,35 35,39
Fuel_pump 37 22

Source: Haynes Engine Management manual & Ford Orion Haynes Manual

Useful settings for this install:
-trigger angle 60deg
-spark output NOT inverted
-PWM for hot idle is ~36% duty cycle

Initially, MAF tuning was attempted. But that proved to be too much of a headache. Therefore tuning was done in speed-density mode while only logging MAF voltage. Datalogs will now be analysed in the hope that a reasonably good MAF tune can be obtained on the bench and then fine tuned on the car. Once MAF tune is obtained, the MSQ and VEX will be uploaded to this thread.

After a few days of fine tuning using speed-density, the car behaves no different than it did with the EECIV; steady idle, good cold starts, good accel enrichments, 25% EGO closed loop, smooth overrun cutoff, etc. Replicating the EECIV behaviour was the main aim of this exercise.