1990 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V


16VT’s involvement: Re-calibrated stock ECU in real-time using wideband to suit turbo setup.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: Garrett turbo with T4 N-trim turbine wheel (52/74mm) in stock 0.48 AR housing, T04B V-trim compressor wheel and housing.

Engine: 2000cc, 16 valve, free-flow filter & exhaust, stock compression.

Injection: Port injection, stock 058 384cc/min injectors at 3.6 bar FP

Description:  Change of turbo mandated recalibration of fuel and ignition tables. Emulator was used to map the vehicle on the road. AFR of 11-11.5 was used at boost and 15 everywhere else. 5000rpm lanuch control added via secondary EPROM map.

Burning two 256k maps onto a 512k EPROM:

MAP 1 is located from 0000 to 7FFF, obtained when A15=0 (launch control)
MAP 2 is located from 8000 to FFFF, obtained when A15=1

A15 is pulled up to 5V through a 10k resistor from pin 28 (VDD) to obtain A15=1