1985 VW Golf GTI 16V turbo


16VT’s involvement: Built the engine and turbo hardware; wired in fuel-only Megasquirt ECU and calibrated.


Chassis: Bilstein dampers;

Forced inductionStarion FMIC, VR6 throttle body, Audi external wastegate, T3/T4 hybrid with stage 1 0.63 AR turbine, 2.5" downpipe.

1781cc inline 4 engine, audi S2 pistons to give 8.7:1 CR, short intake manifold, ARP rod bolts and head studs

Injection: Port injection, 440cc highZ lucas injectors, short intake manifold made from 4mm aluminum sheet, fuel rail from a VW 1.8T, digifant injector cups 037 133 555A

Still using CIS ignition ECU as it works fine for now up to 1 bar boost. Tried MSnS but couldnt iron out the bugs in the limited time available.