1993 VW Golf Mk3 16V turbo


16VT’s involvement: Built complete loom to wire in complete Megasquirt ECU; calibrated fuel, ignition and idle

Chassis: Stock;

Forced induction: T3 50 trim off a Volvo.

Engine: 1847cc, inline 4, PL code Audi Engine, 9A pistons, 1mm machined from the head to raise compression, resulting static CR approx 9.3 to 1;

Injection: VW 1.8T 280 150 447, 241cc injectors used, 4 bar FPR

Description: Stock Bosch coolant and VW diesel intake temp sensors used, VW TPS, 4 window hall effect distributor sensor used for trigger, VB921 used on single VW coil.

MS v2.2 was used, with mods including flipping the opto circuit input as used by the VW community, and as outlined in schematic 2 of the manual.

Colours of basic wiring:

DB23, O2 sensor, blue
DB24, Hall sensor power, red
DB22, TPS signal, blue
DB26, TPS Vref, white
DB20, MAT, yellow
DB21, coolant, white
DB32/33, injectors, yellow

Other connections:

DB25 goes to hall signal (green) through X11
DB24 (red) supplies +5V for hall from the MS PCB
DB29 (red) is launch control through X13
DB31 (green) drives the stock coil through X14
DB27 (white) uses X5 pad to drive the tachometer using a ZTX450

Using MSnS-E HR 029a, mapping was done using widebane, with the objective being 11-11.5 AFR at WOT and around 15 AFR everywhere else.