1996 VW Golf GTI 16V 20th Anniversary


16VT’s involvement: Wired in Megasquirt ECU in a plug and play fashion and calibrated fuel, ignition and idle.


Chassis: Bilstein springs and dampers;

Engine: 1984cc, ABF engine code, 16 valve, P&P'ed head, 268 Schricks, free-flow filter & exhaust

Injection: Port injection, 225cc/min, Digifant 3.2 ECU, 60-2 trigger wheel, hall effect crank sensor, PWM 2-wire bosch idle valve, Bosch coolant and intake temp sensors, single coil with integrated module;

Description: The objective of this install was to use the original wiring loom. To do this, an old 68 pin ECU was cannibalised and turned into an adapter. The MS was installed inside the car, with wires running to the 'ECU' box. All the original sensors and actuators were used.

MS v2.2 mods included flipping the opto circuit input as used by the VW community, and as outlined in schematic in the manual. A TIP122 was installed to PWM control the 4 ohm idle stability valve. Bias resistors were replaced with 2.2k 1% ones to suit Bosch sensors.


Pin configuration:

MS GROUNDS (8,9,10,11) go to T68/1

MS SENSOR GROUND (19) goes to T68/33

MS MAT (20) goes to T68/36

MS CLT (21) goes to T68/14

MS TPS SIGNAL (22) goes to T68/40

MS O2 SENSOR SIGNAL (23) goes to T68/20

MS PIN 24 was fed a constant +12V internally using a jumper inside the megasquirt, and this was in turn fed to the hall sensor power (T68/68 )

MS XG1 (inside the MS box) was fed the crank sensor signal from T68/67 (using pin 25 on the DB37)

MS TPS Vref (26) goes to T68/41

MS coil control (27 in this case) goes to T68/8

MS +12V (28 ) goes to T68/38

MS FIDLE (30) goes to T68/27

MS INJ1 (32,33) goes to T68/24 and T68/25

MS INJ2 (34,35) goes to T68/26 and T68/2

MS FUEL PUMP (37) goes to T68/6


Options included:

Tacho out, (pin 29) was fed to T68/22



Crank signal was decoded using MSnS-E 029n. 60-2 wheel, with 14th (15th if 0 and 1 are the missing teeth) tooth at TDC. Trigger angle 60*. Trigger position A was 5, Trig pos B 35, Trig return pos A 14, Trig return pos B 44. Spark output was INVERTED since the VW module goes from 0 to 5V when it wants to trigger the coil. Dwell measured with a scope was 4.5ms for the ABF ECU. Using 3ms on the MS for now.