1990 Fiat Uno Mk2 Turbo 1372cc


16VT’s involvement: Wired in fully functional plug and play Megasquirt ECU to replace the Jetronic fuel computer, leaving ignition duties to the original microplex; calibrated fuel.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: T28, EVO3 FMIC.

Engine: stock cylinder block with punto turbo internals and pyramid rings

Injection: Port injection, 440cc/min  highZ Delphi injectors, Fiat coolant and Lancia integrale intake temp sensors.

Description:  The objective was to replace the limited LE2 system with the megasquirt. A suitable adapter was made to link the megasquirt to the LE2 loom. All stock sensors and wiring were used.


Pin configuration:

MS GROUNDS (8,9,10,11) go to T15/4 and T15/5
MS SENSOR GROUND (19) goes to T15/6 (blue/white pin of datalink connector in engine compartment)
MS MAT (20) goes to T15/10 (
red/white pin of datalink connector in engine compartment)
MS CLT (21) goes to T15/8
MS TPS SIGNAL (22) goes to T15/14 (pin 3 of TPS connector which is green/white)*
MS O2 SENSOR SIGNAL (23) not wired
MS PIN 24 goes to T15/1
MS TPS Vref (26) goes to T15/3 (pin 1 of TPS connector which is brown/white)*
MS +12V (28 ) goes to T15/2
MS INJ1 (32,33) goes to T15/3
MS INJ2 (34,35) wired externally (green)
*a piggyback TPS connector was Tee'ed off the original loom, with ground off pin 2 (black)

Options included:

Launch control on pin 25 (red)
Switchable maps on pin 27 (blue)
Output 2 on pin 29 (yellow)
Nitrous on pin 31 (pink)