1987 Fiat Uno Mk1 Turbo 1301cc


16VT’s involvement: Wired in fully functional plug and play Megasquirt ECU to replace the LE2 jetronic fuel computer, leaving ignition duties to the original microplex; calibrated fuel.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: T28, EvoVI FMIC.

Engine: 1301cc cylinder block decked 2mm, 8 valve, 83mm coupe pistons, stroker crank, ~1500cc

Injection: Port injection, 390cc/min  lowZ injectors, EVO 6.8ohm injector resistor pack, Fiat coolant and Lancia integrale  intake temp sensors.

Description:  The objective was to replace the limited LE2 system with the megasquirt. A suitable adapter was made to link the megasquirt to the LE2 loom. All stock sensors and wiring were used.


Pin configuration:

MS GROUNDS (8,9,10,11) go to T25/13
MS SENSOR GROUND (19) goes to T25/5 (pin 5 of AFM and to MAT ground)
MS MAT (20) goes to T25/7 (pin 7 of AFM)
MS CLT (21) goes to T25/10
MS TPS SIGNAL (22) goes to T25/2 (pin 2 of TPS)*
MS O2 SENSOR SIGNAL (23) wired externally
MS PIN 24 goes to T25/1
MS TPS Vref (26) goes to T25/3 (pin 3 of TPS)*
MS +12V (28 ) goes to T25/9
MS INJ1 (32,33) goes to T25/12
MS INJ2 (34,35) wired externally (green)
*TPS pin 1 needs to be cut and grounded on the sensor side

Options included:

Launch control on pin 25 (red)
Switchable maps on pin 27 (blue)
Output 2 on pin 29 (yellow)
Nitrous on pin 31 (pink)


TPS can be wired externally since stock TPS is fed 12V not 5V
MAT can be wired externally to leave AFM loom intact
12V for Megasquirt needs to be routed externally (i.e. not T25/9) if the need to make changes while the engine is off is required







The aftermath of using the wrong heat range spark plug? or just a valve dropping?