1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR-4


16VT’s involvement: Wired in plug and play Megasquirt to control fuel and ignition. Calibrated to suit.

Chassis: stock;

Forced induction: Custom 20G/16G turbo with internal WG and upgraded actuator, 1JZ  FMIC;

Engine: Stock block 4G63;

Injection: Port injection, 560cc/min lowZ EVO injectors at stock FPR, DSM coolant and GM intake temp sensors, DSM wastespark coilpack with external ignitor;

Description: The objective of this install was to use the original wiring loom with the Megasquirt. To do this, an old DSM ECU was cannibalised and turned into an adapter. All the original sensors and actuators were used, with the exception of the stepper motor idle control valve which was eliminated.

Mods to the PCB included:

Pin configuration with the v3 PCB Megasquirt:

Optional connections included:

Unused ECU connections included:

Crank signal was decoded using MSnS-E HR 10d code. Trigger angle 73. Trigger position A was 1, Trig pos B 2.