1985 BMW 325i turbo


16VT’s involvement: Wired in fuel-only Megasquirt ECU and calibrated.

Chassis: unknown;

Forced induction: Garrett T3 60 trim with 0.63 stage 1 AR turbine, EVO6 FMIC, 60mm downpipe, 60mm intercooler piping, blow off valve, 0.7 bar of boost.

Engine: 2500cc, M20B25 engine code, 12 valve, free-flow filter & exhaust, front mount intercooler, low compression pistons

Injection: Port injection, 300cc/min (280 150 200) LowZ injectors, GM coolant and GM intake temp sensors, three 5ohm 50W resistors for paired up injectors

Description:  A relatively simple fuel only application, with jetronic still controlling the ignition.