1980 BMW 325i turbo


16VT’s involvement: Spec’ed the turbo hardware; wired in fuel-only Megasquirt ECU and calibrated.

Chassis: unknown, Borbet A 16” wheels;

Forced induction: Holset turbo with integral wastegate, inverted japanese exhaust manifold with turbo flange adapter, EVO6 FMIC, 3" downpipe, 60mm intercooler piping, Dawes devices MBC, HKS blow off valve, 1.1 bar of boost.

Engine: 2500cc, M20B25 engine code, 12 valve, free-flow filter & exhaust, front mount intercooler, 86mm low compression pistons

Injection: Port injection, 560cc/min EVO6 LowZ injectors, GM coolant and GM intake temp sensors, six 6.8ohm 25W resistors for injectors

Description:  A relatively simple fuel only application, with jetronic still controlling the ignition.

Pin Configuration:

Launch control, X11 --> DB25
Map switching, X12 --> DB27
Coolant fan control, X13 --> DB29
Fast Idle (using TIP122 upgrade) , DB30