1997 SEAT Cordoba SX turbo (phase 3)


16VT’s involvement: Complete, since it’s Ahmad’s personal car.

Chassis: FK Koenigsport coilovers, F&R anti-roll bars, Porsche Boxster front brakes, ABT 17x7.5” et35 wheels, 15mm H&R rear spacers;

Forced induction: Holset HX35, Tial external wastegate with 10psi spring, 72mm v-banded downpipe, short runner intake manifold, VR6 OBD2 throttle body, 50/70mm intercooler piping, Forge RS blow off valve, 1.0+ bar of boost, ECU controlled water injection (aquamist HSV), 780x330x76 mm core FMIC;

Engine: 2008cc, ABF engine code (same as VW), 16 valve, ARP head studs, forged connecting rods with ARP rod bolts, JE forged 8.5CR 83mm pistons, titanium valvespring retainers, Autotech stiff valvesprings, lightweight valve lifters, Mocal oil cooler, APEXi AVC-R boost controller;

Injection: Port injection, 680cc/min highZ Siemens Mototron injectors at 4 bar FPR, Digifant 3.2 ECU, 60-2 trigger wheel, hall effect crank sensor, PWM control of throttle body for idle, Bosch coolant and GM intake temp sensors, VW wastespark coilpack with internal ignitor eliminated, Magnecor KV85 ignition leads, BKR7ES plugs, Bosch 910 external fuel pump;

Description: The objective of this install was to use the original wiring loom with the Megasquirt. To do this, an old 68 pin ECU was cannibalised and turned into an adapter. The Megasquirt was installed inside the car, with wires running to the 'ECU' box. All the original sensors and actuators were used, with the exception of a secondary external wiring loom to connect to the additional coil, and the water injection (HSV) valve.

Mods to the PCB included:

Pin configuration with the v3 PCB Megasquirt:

Optional connections included:

Crank signal was decoded using MSnS-E HR 10d code, 60-2 wheel, with 14th (15th if 0 and 1 are the missing teeth) tooth at TDC. Trigger angle 60*. Trigger position A was 5, Trig pos B 35, Trig return pos A 14, Trig return pos B 44.











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