1981 Lancia Beta HPE turbo


16VT’s involvement: Built complete loom to wire in complete Megasquirt ECU; calibrated fuel and ignition

Chassis: Stock;

Forced induction: T3 off a Delta HF turbo, HKS intercooler, HKS EVC, HKS spark plugs, Integrale throttle body;

Engine: 1585cc from a Delta HF turbo, inline 4;

Injection: Siemens Mototron 630cc injectors, Walbro 255 inline pump;

Description: Stock Bosch coolant and intake temp sensors used, Lancia TPS, 4-1 crank trigger wheel fabricated to allow waste spark, two VB921 used on Fiat coupe coils. 4 bar MAP sensor used, with second baro sensor on X7.

MS v3 was used, with the following add-ons:

Coil A brought out through IGN (DB36)
DB25 - IAC1A brought out coil B (thick yellow wire)
DB27 - IAC1B reserved for coil C
DB29 - IAC2A free
DB31 - IAC2B free
DB3 - SPR1 launch control (yellow wire)
DB4 - SPR2 output 1 (JS2) (green wire)
DB5 - SPR3 switchable maps (blue wire)
DB6 - SPR4 nitrous (pink wire)

Using MSnS-E HR 10d, mapping was done using wideband, with the objective being 11-11.5 AFR at WOT and around 15 AFR everywhere else.