1960's Ford Anglia Van


16VT’s involvement: Supplied and calibrated (fuel and ignition) Megasquirt ECU.

Chassis: Modified classic Capri struts with adjustable 2.25 coilovers; Fiesta XR2i vented discs; Double anti-roll bar;
Standard anglia 1200 prop; Standard anglia 1200 rear axle; Anglia 1200 rear brakes; 3.54:1 diff; 2000E 'Bullet' gearbox with quickshift; Three linked rear end with panhard rod; Three inch lowering blocks; Period Dunlop alloys.

Forced induction: none.

Engine: 1.8 litre 16 valve 4 cylinder naturally aspirated Zetec, 2.0 camshafts

Injection: Port injection, ~200cc/min Bosch injectors, Jenvey individual throttle bodies.

Description: Totally stock car with a modern engine. Megasquirt controlling fuel and EDIS ignition. MAP sensor based mapping was deemed acceptable in spite of the high idle kpa.